Q: Where and when did you start?
A: I started in the town of Trinidad, in Humboldt county, on coast of far Northern California. I began pedaling on July 6, 2011.

Q: Where do you sleep?
A: I camp over half the time. I also stay with friends and family. I also couchsurf quite a bit.

Q: Where are you going? What route did you take? (see my Route & Itinerary Page)
A: From California I headed north into Oregon & Washington, then west across Idaho & Montana. Once I crossed the Rocky Mtns in Glacier National park, I headed south into Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, and then east into South Dakota & Minnesota. I stopped in Minnesota for nearly 3 months to work and visit friends before continuing on. From Minnesota, I took a bus to St. Louis, and started pedaling south to New Orleans. From New Orleans, I will head east to Florida, down to the Everglades, and then north along the East Coast. Once I reach Maine, I will head west to Michigan, up through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and stop in Minnesota once again to work and visit. I will then head Southwest across Iowa and Kansas into Colorado. I will dip into New Mexico, and then spend a fall and winter in Colorado, working and enjoying the snow. I will then head west to Utah, south into Arizona, and then west into California. I will finish my trip in Trinidad, CA where I started.

Q: When will you finish?
A: Unknown. At this point, I expect to pedal back into Trinidad at the beginning of summer, 2013.

Q: Why are you doing this? (see my Mission & Goals page)
A: Many reasons. Among them are the thirst for adventure, the desire to live & travel without a motor vehicle, the desire to visit friends and family scattered across the nation without burning fossil fuels, to stay healthy, to meet good people and see beautiful places across the nation, to seek opportunities and build relationships for a sustainable future.

Q: What can I do to support you and/or be a part of this?
A: Read my blog and comment on it. Sign up to be a host on couchsurfing.org. Educate yourself and think critically about the world around you. Decide what your part is in making the world a better place. Take Action. If I happen to be coming through your area, offer me a place to stay and a meal.

Q: How do you pay for this? How much does it cost?
A: I depend strongly on the kindness of friends and strangers for my sleeping quarters, as well as a fair percentage of my meals. I use my personal savings to cover the rest. I considered pushing for corporate sponsorship, but decided that I would rather not be held accountable by anyone other than myself. So far, the trip is costing me around $17 per day. 

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